Thursday, April 8, 2010


Ah spring, the time when young lover's fancy turn towards thoughts of love. Or as is the case at my house, when 2 young dogs decide to romp and play and run all over the yard. Both things work. My question doesn't deal with IF today. it deals with the fact I have a nice new rosebush to plant and I'd really like to keep the pups out of it and from digging it up once I put it in this weekend. Any suggestions for how to do this? Bonus points if it can keep my husband from mowing it down as well.


Samantha said...

We were told to sprinkle chili powder all around it but I thought that sounded mean. As for the husband- I have no idea, good luck!

Browniris said...

Hmm...not sure what to do about the rose bushes. I am struggling with the same probelm dog totally thinks it is okay to run around in the flower bed.