Monday, April 5, 2010

Insert witty title here

Holidays suck the life out of me at times. We came clean to my parents a while ago and that has shut down the questions on that front for which I am very grateful. Heck, my mom even became a fan of 999 reasons to laugh at infertility on Facebook. When I saw that, I cried because it meant a lot to know that she was supporting me with this, even if it's only on Facebook. However, we haven't told P's parents yet because he thinks that they really won't care and don't worry if they never have more grandchildren. Enter Easter and the announcement of a cousin who is pregnant with her 3rd in 4 years, another cousin who is pregnant with her second, and the thirt cousin, also pregnant with her second. This of course brings about the question of when were we going to have a baby. Afterall, we have to keep up you know. My mother-in-law can't be the only person to only have 2 grandchildren. And besides, since P is the only boy of the only boy, we have to carry on the family name. This went on all of lunch, all of the afternoon, and I was almost expecting her to follow us home to continue there. At least now P is considering letting me come clean to his parents about this. After all, we know it isn't because of me. He thinks that if we don't tell them, I won't be subjected to a bunch of assvice like "Relax and it'll happen. You're just trying too hard." Unfortunately, they already give that assvice.

In other news, it looks like this round of clomid will be a failure. My temperature dropped this morning so I'm guessing CD 1 for either tomorrow or Wednesday. Oh joy. This means I get to call and beg the doctor for 1 more round of medication because the 50mg on the first round didn't do anything. If she won't prescribe it, then it's onto the next step, whatever that will be. We're currently looking into REs in the area and asking a few people we know had trouble for reccomendations. You know, the main thought that keeps popping into my head is "What a waste of money all those condoms were."


Samantha said...

Assvice-I Love it! I'm sorry 50mg didn't work for you either... stupid waste of pills. Hopefully 100mg will do it for us both!

addingtothepack said...

Sorry it looks like this cycle did not work.

I have thought many times that I wish I'd known I had fertility issues when I was younger. That would have saved me a lot of stress and a few pregnancy tests!

Browniris said...

I'm sorry that your MIL and extended family were being so nosy this weekend. It can be so hard to be around pregnant women, especially when they don't seem to have any problems getting KU and they keep questioning you. I know it has helped us A LOT to have both sides of our family know what we are going through. GL!