Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hello and welcome ICLWers! Please see this post for my introduction. This month I actually have some news to share. I got my orders for blood work on CD22. That will be on Nov. 2. My dearly beloved husband has an SA on Tuesday. The doctor wanted Monday, but we held out for Tuesday because ovulation should occur on Saturday. And since he leaves for the weekend on Friday, all best attempts must occur before he leaves.

My annual and "Let's talk about my lack of babies." appointment was this morning at 7:15. After getting lost heading to the practice's other office and arriving 15 minutes late for my appointment, I was grateful they managed to work me in for everything. I really did not want to have to reschedule again. Now I sit here still feeling icky from the appointment and contemplating a second shower, just to get rid of the icky feeling. That may have possibilities.

Once I have some results, I will share. Happy ICLW!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And out again

The monthly reminder of my failure as a woman arrived on Sunday. Monday, I started a new temp job and canceled my doctor's appointment because I wouldn't be able to get the time off. Today was to have been the appointment. This evening at 5, I was let go from the temp job because of the trainer feeling I wasn't a good fit with her personality. The person I was going to be reporting to liked me. But I never made it past the week of training. The irony of all of it was that I actually liked the person that was training me. I liked the company. I liked the department. But now I'm home, unemployed, and without a doctor's appointment to get started on finding out why I fail as a woman every month. I know this month is a loss as it is. The husband is out of town the week he is needed. But I was hoping to get started on what could be done with tests and such. Now I have to try and get in again ASAP in case I get another new job and then won't be able to get the time off as needed. I'm just still kind of in shock over the whole thing. When I left work today, the person who let me go said "I'll see you tomorrow." On my way home, the temp agency called and let me know I no longer had a job to return to tomorrow. If she didn't want me there, why not tell me then and collect my badge, sign the time sheet, and not lie to my face? ARGH!!!!! So tomorrow, I begin calling to get my appointment rescheduled. Hopefully, I can so that things can get started. I was hoping to begin to have answers today. But there are still only questions.