Sunday, November 29, 2009

And the result is.....

Normal! He has a normal count, motility, etc. This makes us very happy. However, this means clomid for me. And we have decided to start after the holidays because we don't want the added stress on top of everything else. My doctor has given us 3 months and then recommending a specialist. So that's where stand in the world of IF. As of right now, we are female factor, anovulatory. A result!

In other news, I became ill late on Thursday after everyone had left. I survived and avoided questions by hiding in the kitchen playing cards with my Dad, uncle, and brother. It worked well to my advantage. Today is the first day since Thanksgiving I've even been able to function. I missed most of ICLW because of being to ill to move from my couch unless it was to the bathroom or the bedroom. All in all, not how I had planned to spend my 4 day weekend. So today I join the land of mostly living with a fever that has finally gone to 99.0. I'll take that for today and here's to hoping tomorrow brings a normal temperature as I have to go back to work since I started a week ago.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still waiting

It's been a week since the SA was dropped off according to the doctor's orders. We're still waiting. It seems like this wonderful land of IF is all about waiting. Just once I'd like to get an answer in less than 1 week or 4.

Today I noticed myself doing something. I've quit thinking of "when" for having a baby. It's now "if". This came about while sitting here in front of my computer looking around at the computer room. I was looking around and contemplating what color to paint the room. It's currently blue. All blue. Baby boy blue in fact. It was supposed to be the nursery. But since when we bought the house, we knew we were at least 2 or so years away from having additional kids so it became the computer room. The thought that came to mind was if we have a baby, I'll have to find a new place for my computer and all of the other junk that has migrated here over the years. Then it was if we have a baby we'll have to find a way to sound proof the young'un's room because it's right next door. Then it dawned on me, I wasn't thinking in terms of when, but if. This made me sad. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the coming holidays.

Speaking of holidays, we're hosting turkey day here at my house. I'm frantically cleaning the main part of the house and trying to keep what is clean the way that it is. I'm dreading the holidays this year. All of them. The first year after we got married, no one was asking when we were going to have kids because we were newlyweds. The next year, 1 or 2 people made comment. Now it's every family gathering and every holiday. It's enough to drive me to drink. And since there's no reason to worry about a baby since we didn't even bother trying this month I can drink all I want. Good thing that because at this point I think I may actually need it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some results!

After a week of waiting, I heard back from my doctor today. It appears my progesterone is low. How low, I don't know as I wasn't given the actual numbers. Everything else was normal though. Once we have the SA results, the decision on how to proceed will be made. Right now it looks like I may be getting prescribed clomid assuming all is normal with P. For those of you who have used clomid before, what should I expect? Mood swings? Hot flashes? The desire to toss my mate out a window?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wait, it's been a whole year?

On Saturday it will have been a year since I started posting to the internet about my fertility, or lack there of. To be honest, I thought a little public shaming might have jump started everything and I'd be knocked up in a month or two. Obviously, I was wrong as it's now a year later and I can't even get an answer on my blood work in a timely manner. However, thank you to every one who has read my rantings and ravings. Thank you for all of the support given when I've needed it. You wonderful ladies have helped make a difficult year easier because I knew I wasn't alone.

So many times here in the world of IF, it seems like even speaking of it aloud is taboo, almost as if it were a disease that could be caught from standing too close. You know, kinda like cooties, only worse. But reading others stories and seeing some of you cross over to the other side has been so wonderful. I've rejoiced with all of you and cried with all of you as well. I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you for everything in the last year and here's to hoping we all make it over in the next year.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Blah. It's 3 days early. Last night, I drank half a bottle of wine. I'm drinking the other half tonight.

No word yet on the blood work. I called the office to see if they had my numbers, but they don't. I find it odd as the lab I go to is really good about getting the results in within a day. Maybe tomorrow, right? I just hope they don't order CD 3 blood work once they get the results since tomorrow is CD 3. I'd really hate to wait the whole cycle without any answers. As for the SA, we've decided to do it next week to give all cold medicine time to work its way out of P's system. Better safe than sorry, right?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Blood work - check

Today I went and got my blood work for the CD22 analysis. My GYN has listed me as anovulatory for the moment. We'll see what comes back in the next couple of days so that maybe I can get an answer or two.

P's SA has not yet occurred. He was ill for most of the last week. We will need to do this soon, but does anyone know what effect cold medication has on counts? How long should we wait before doing this? We are to collect here and then take to the lab when it's completed so we don't have to worry about rescheduling a specific date. However, this is something we'd like to get done sooner as opposed to later.

Once I have some numbers and hopefully some answers, I will post again.