Monday, November 2, 2009

Blood work - check

Today I went and got my blood work for the CD22 analysis. My GYN has listed me as anovulatory for the moment. We'll see what comes back in the next couple of days so that maybe I can get an answer or two.

P's SA has not yet occurred. He was ill for most of the last week. We will need to do this soon, but does anyone know what effect cold medication has on counts? How long should we wait before doing this? We are to collect here and then take to the lab when it's completed so we don't have to worry about rescheduling a specific date. However, this is something we'd like to get done sooner as opposed to later.

Once I have some numbers and hopefully some answers, I will post again.


Anonymous said...

I wish you all the luck on your next cycle.

addingtothepack said...

I hope you start getting some answers soon.

I know that if there's a fever involve, the SA can be significantly affected. Not sure what impact a basic cold would have on the SA.