Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tea exchange idea

Last week, Mel mentioned talked about her recent exploration of new teas. This got me thinking about a tea exchange I had participated in with another group through Ravelry. Would anyone be interested in participating in something like this in the ALI community?

I'd be willing to organize this and set up the initial list and outgoing tea box. Things included in the other exchange were teas of all different kinds, chocolate, tea theme related gizmos and gadgets (a cozy, an infuser ball, bookmarks, etc.), Kool-Aide, and hot chocolate. Because it was also for a knit / crochet board things like yarn, patterns, stitch markers, and other yarn-y type items were also included. I would be open to ideas for additional items to be included for a more ALI themed box.

Proposed Rules of the Box
1. You may take as little or much as you want. The only requirement is to put back at least the amount of what you take. (here maybe add that yarn & small knitting/crocheting knick-knacks are also acceptable).
2. Please try to keep the box only one week, and contact me if it will take longer.
3. Every time the box is sent out there will be delivery confirmation purchased with it. I leave to your discretion on whether you want to ship by parcel post or priority, but delivery confirmation is only about seventy-five cents and a must.

If anyone is interested, please comment on this thread or e-mail me at april.pachuta@gmail.com

Friday, May 20, 2011

The infertile hell

Also known as the baby department. If you are wondering why I was there, again, it's because of the baby shower next weekend. I thought I'd be able to do it this time without feeling the pain and the desire to break down into tears. I was wrong.

All of those cute little outfits, the toys, the bedding, the hopes and dreams. All of it there, beckoning and calling to me and so far from my reality it's sad and crushing. I walk into the store ready to face all of it, sure that since it's for a fellow infertile I can do this. Yet again, I leave with a sad filled heart, yearning for what is so far out of reach.

I have a bag filled with small items of clothing, with blankets ready to wrap newborn babies. I will find 2 cards, make 3 blankets, make 3 pairs of booties. I'll smile, fill the presents with love, and try and celebrate the coming new lives into our family.

And I'll die a little more inside while I do it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A post in bullet points

  • Spring has sprung here in Pittsburgh. There are flowers, leaves on the trees, birds nesting on my front porch. Okay, so the bird on the front porch isn't a great sign of spring. Mama Bird likes to dive bomb people as the enter or leave the house thinking we're after her eggs. But the rest of it is good.

  • I'm trying to approach spring with a better attitude than I did winter. I want to embrace the new life all around me. I want to embrace the warmth. But at the same time, I was sure that I'd be expecting a baby by spring. After all, I was going to the RE last summer at long last. Obviously, it hasn't worked as there's been no treatment yet.

  • A woman I used to be in a book club with recently miscarried her pregnancy. Part of me wants to invite her here, to our corner of the world for some support and love. But at the same time, she has a 4 year old and got pregnant with her second in only 2 months of trying. The miscarriage took place at 10 weeks. It actually happened over a month ago, but I have no clue about how to reach out to a woman who announced a pregnancy at 8 weeks that was showing growth restriction. I can't imagine announcing a pregnancy at 8 weeks. Hell, I can't imaginge announcing a pregnancy at this point in time.

  • Mother's Day was really rough, but there were no tears, no tantrums, and only some regret that it wasn't how I thought it would be this year.

  • I have a doublebaby shower for a set of twins and a singleton to attend in 2.5 weeks. I found out about it on Saturday. One of the mothers (the one with twins who I don't resent because she's one of us and they are IVF twins) has requested blankets and booties made by me. I'm now trying to figure out how I"m going to get 3 blankets and 3 pairs of booties made in 2.5 weeks with a birthday party for the young'un this weekend.

  • P and I have talked recently about me being able to stay home instead of working. part of me loves the idea of being able to stay home and not have to worry about work and take care of my family and work towards having a baby. The other part of me is questioning if we really could make it work and if I could really give up my independence in that way.

That's really about it. Any of these is worthy of a post, but my brain is too fried to write it. I will make my way back and start posting again soon. I promise.