Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back in the stirrups soon

We have a date for our return to the RE. My consulation appointment on on Apr. 2nd. Since it's been over a year, I have to start at the beginning. I'm okay with this. So back in to see Dr. Cool I will go and hopefully there will be options and we will get pregnant and have a live take home baby at the end of it all.

I'm guessing it will mean clo.mid again and I'm not looking forward to that at all because clo.mid makes me crazy. P will have another round of SAs and probably a trip to the urologist if the numbers are as bad as last time. He never did go back a second time.

So we're heading back and hoping for our chance at a miracle.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The weekend

It was a long weekend for me, but a painful weekend. Originally, I was going to post on Sunday about how even at Tar.get, I had trouble finding stationary. That writing people a letter is a dying art and is becoming a thing of the past.

Then we got the call. The call that the ex-wife was in labor and the new baby would be arriving soon. In that moment, my heart stopped again and the pain in my heart that has been healing for 6 months had the scab ripped off in one quick move, so quick I almost missed the blood. The baby has arrived, a healthy baby girl. The Young'un is dealing with it okay, but ev eryone was still in the hospital for at least another 36 hours because of the time of birth. That may change once the reality of a newborn is home.

I'm doing okay, better than I thought I would. It hurts. I'm jealous. I can't avoid this baby as I take the kiddo home after dance twice a week. All I can do is pray that one day I'll have my own.