Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back in the stirrups soon

We have a date for our return to the RE. My consulation appointment on on Apr. 2nd. Since it's been over a year, I have to start at the beginning. I'm okay with this. So back in to see Dr. Cool I will go and hopefully there will be options and we will get pregnant and have a live take home baby at the end of it all.

I'm guessing it will mean clo.mid again and I'm not looking forward to that at all because clo.mid makes me crazy. P will have another round of SAs and probably a trip to the urologist if the numbers are as bad as last time. He never did go back a second time.

So we're heading back and hoping for our chance at a miracle.


Marissa K said...

Good luck on this next round!
And that really sucks about the ex's birth. Every now and then certain people's pregnancy announcements will derail me for days. DAYS. Like, I can't even think about anything else while I grieve for my own barrenness.
Thinking of you.

InfertileFirstMom said...

Hiya! I'm here from ICLW...wishing you all the best as you get back up on the horse and back in the stirrups! Hope you get your BFP very soon!

KT said...

My husband had an awful SA #1 and SA #2. My gyn even mentioned using having to think about using donor sperm. But there are so many things that can trip up a SA- did he have a cold a few months ago, was he eating crap/not exercising, etc.

Per the Mayo Clinic's suggestion on their website, my husband started taking a multivitamin and when we did our first IUI last month his sperm was excellent.

Don't worry too much until you get that second or third SA with the same results...