Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CD6 / Clomid Day 3

We got approved for this one last cycle of clomid. So far instead of burning up each day, I freeze. This is a new and unwelcome twist in the inner thermostat as I tend to be cold most of the time anyway. The crazies however are in full force. This stuff messes with your mind so much. I swear I become almost paranoid trying to keep from losing my temper, mind, whatever.

We did get some good news from the insurance company. Since P's company was sold, we got different levels of coverage than our previous plan. This means that now testing is covered and I no longer need to get a referral to see an RE! So if this cycle fails, we have a next step. They won't cover treatment of it, but at least I can get tested if needed. The hope of course is that I won't need tested and this will work and I'll be pregnant this time next month. But after 3 previous cycles, I'm not feeling that confident about this one.

Other things I'm beginning to wonder about with being on Clomid is how my period has been shorter and lighter this round. It was 2 days shorter, had no cramps, and was significantly lighter than normal. yes, I tested just to make sure. It was a BFN. Now I wonder if it's decreased my lining since I've not been monitored at all for these cycles. A question to ask the RE if we end up there.