Wednesday, July 7, 2010


E2 - 327 - too high because of cyst
FSH - 1.4 - too low because of cyst
TH - 4.09 - higher dose of thyroid medication prescribed

Left tube blocked. Cyst on left ovary. Right tube looks clear. Sonohysterogram to be scheduled once the bleeding fully begins. Still spotting at this point. If no period within 8 days, then I will go in for a blood test and if negative, then provera will be started. After my period, there will be another date with the dildo-cam tro see if the cyst has shrunk. At some point in the future, there may be a lap performed to see if there are any adhesions on the right tube and to see if that's what is causing the left to be blocked. The general thought is that I'll be back on my friend clomid soon. I think I'll ask if they give out happy pills with the clomid this time.

So no diagnosis yet, but it's not as bleak as it could be. Oh, and it still isn't CD1 yet so now I'm 11 days late.


Heather said... sounds like there's a plan. And I am all about planning, so I like it!

And, I'm sending you hugs and support and love and all that stuff...

Anonymous said...

I like plans too.

As someone who has had eight cysts after medicated cycles and thus eight canceled cycles....ughhhh. I feel your pain. I am always desperate to get the show on the road and my bod never ever cooperates. Hang in there!