Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Tale of Two Sickies

Or why I don't even have a reason to think about being pregnant this cycle. I started my clomid on the correct day and took my 5 pills in succession on days 3-7. All is well and we have the correct calandar days circled. On day 9 (Sunday 1/3), I start coughing a little, but nothing that seems to serious or even like it will even last very long. On Day 11, P starts coughing. I'm now running a fever. On day 12 (when we're supposed to start to be bunnies) he has a fever, I still have a fever, and breathing is a thing of the past. It turns out trying to have sex while on cold medicine doesn't work very well. Long story short, over a week later and I'm just now getting over my cold. P's cold developed into pneumonia and he's on some seriously strong medication and not allowed to go to work for another week. So no baby for us this cycle. It was a wasted round of clomid leaving us only 2 more rounds before we head off the the big RE whom has yet to be chosen because I'm seriously sticking my head in the sand over this whole clomid may not work for us thing. Friday I will have bloodwork drawn to make sure that this dose of clomid actually caused ovulation, but it doesn't matter if it did or not. There will be no baby this round. Finally tally of the cycle? Sickness - 2, Us - 0.


Heather said...

OH that sucks. I'm so sorry---the sickness is rough.
Everything crossed for next month...and hoping y'all are recovering nicely.

Jaymee said...

i cannot even imagine attempting bunny action at this point. sounds like we have the same crud and going to the bathroom is a production, forget showering. so sorry that this happened in the middle of a clomid cycle. hope you are both feeling better soon.