Monday, January 4, 2010

First round, down

On New Year's Day, I took the last of my 5 days of clomid. Now we're onto the fun portion of this program, if you see scheduled intercourse as fun. Sadly, P does not. However, he's ready and willing, so to speak. Now we have as much fun as possible this week, get blood work drawn next week to confirm ovulation, and then we wait and hope. If this one doesn't work, we have 2 more cycles of clomid left.

There has been a stroke of luck in our quest for a child. I accepted a new job in December. the benefits include adoption assistance after 2 years and IF testing and treatment for things that can be fixed are covered. However, it does not cover IUIs or IVF. But this does open more options for us. This means I can go to an RE if the clomid fails. We're really hoping the clomid doesn't fail. If it appears no biological child is in the cards, we will most likely pursue adoption. P isn't worried about a biological child since he has the young'un from his first marriage. He could care less if any children have his DNA or not. The same here. We just want to be parents. We will get there, one day.


Heather said...

Big happy thoughts to you!

We did Clomid--and it worked.

We also did adoption...

Both are beautiful ways to parent...

You have support behind you!


Lisa said...

I know how disappointing it can be to wait each month for your period and then have to recoup your energy to go forward into the next cycle. It's okay to have a cry, even in the pharmacy. Don't apologize to anyone about that.

I think it's great that you both talk about the "What If...?" and have a Plan B. I hope that the Clomid does the trick for you, but if it doesn't, you know there are other options that are acceptable to both of you. Your hearts are open and generous... what every genetic and adoptive parent needs to be.


Elisabeth said...


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You have received treatment for infertility in the past six months, or plan to do so in the next six months

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Amaprincess said...

Good luck this month!! I am starting Clomid tomorrow! Baby Dust to us!

AplusB said...

Good luck! I hope the Clomid does it for you this month!

womb for improvement said...

Scheduled sex lost its appeal a while ago for me. Still, needs must.

Best of luck.

(And just had a little snort 'cause my word verification is phallyc which is close enough to phallic to make me giggle.)