Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sensitive as a brick

Or why my Mom is on the list of people I'm avoiding at the moment.

Last night while I'm sitting on my couch indulging in my PMS foods of chocolate and sour cream and cheddar chips, the phone rings. First off, it's almost 10 and most people who would call me at home or on my cell know that I go to bed at 10 most nights because I'm up at 5:30. I look and see it's my parents and answer. My mom has called to tell me that she knows how to fix all of my infertility problems. All I have to do is go down to the hospital and tell them I'll take one of the orphans from Haiti. After all, the children are all here in Pittsburgh, and so am I! It's the perfect answer, to her at least. So now she's decided that I need to go and adopt one of these babies now. She even has pointed out that since they ones here are all between 1 and 4 years, there won't be any night time feedings.

I was in shock. While adoption may be the path we turn to in the future, it isn't the path for us at this moment. I'd also love to be able to go and help one of those children, but we can't afford the several thousand to adopt internationally at this moment. Hell, we don't even have a home study done yet because we aren't ready to move to adoption. But to have my Mom call me up at almost 10 last night to tell me that she had the answer to all my problems and that it was to drive to the hospital and just ask for an orphan, because you know adopting an international child is justn that easy.

I know, I'm sensitive to it right now because we already know the first clomid round will not be a success. I know that if adoption ends up being the path we take, we'll decide how and where we will adopt. But damn Mom, using a natural disaster as a reason to nag about grandchildren?


Peachy said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy ICLW!

I am sorry about your mom calling you at all hours of the night! If anyone is calling me that late I assume there is a massive emergency going on that can't wait until morning. I don't think she was calling to nag though, I have realized in the past four years that our parents just throw out every suggestion to try and ease our pain.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh! We must have been separated at birth, because my mother called and told me the exact same thing!

i love sour cream chips too!

jill said...

Whoa! Haha - I'm sorry I just had to laugh at your mom. You should tell her it's a great idea and that it would be so helpful if she could run down to the hospital and pick an orphan up for you ;)