Monday, March 22, 2010


Welcome ICLWers! I really meant to get this up yesterday, but time being what it was and the fact I spent most of the day at the theater with my husband and the young'un for her spring ballet, well yeah. So anyway, here's a quick recap of the journey to date and maybe something interesting about me.

Aug. 2007 - married and threw away the condoms.
Dec. 2007 - BFP!!
Jan. 2008 - miscarriage, 6w 2d.
Nothing for several months as we tried in vain to do it on our own.......
Sept. 2009 - spoke with gynecologist about the fact that there are no babies and we've been without protection for 2+ years
Nov. 2009 - diagnossed as anovulatory and SA came back as normal
Jan. 2010 - first round of clomid - 50mg - anovulatory
Feb. 2010 - second round of clomid - 100mg - ovulated, BFN
Mar. 2010 - third (and probable final) round of clomid - 100mg - awaiting ovulation now

So yeah, that's our journey to date. This is kind of what I'm seeing as our last chance for the moment. We aren't covered for an RE. It would all be out of pocket. We had thought with a referal at least the visit would be covered. But it appears that is not to be. We're now talking about what our next step should be.

As for something interesting about me, well, to be honest I can't really come up with much at the moment. Maybe next month?


Heather said...

You're interesting to me! ;) Happy ICLW! Big hugs...

Jin said...

Here's to this cycle being the one!

Samantha said...

This is my first clomid cycle (50mg) and I'll start it tonight. I hope this it the month for both of us!!!

ICLW #75 (plus I've been a follower of your blog for a while!)

Rach said...

Hope this cycle is THE one for you!!!


christina said...

Best of luck with this cycle! Here's hoping that you don't even need to worry about the RE because this month works! I understand how hard paying OOP for the RE sucks huge! But the end result is worth it.

Happy ICLW!

Amaprincess said...

Good luck on this cycle! We didn't have any insurance for awhile and it is definitely a hinderence! I've been taking clomid for five months. It is the only thing that gets those follicles moving! Hugs and Prayers for you both!

daega99 said...

Hi! Insurance doesn't cover anything here either. It does make things pretty irritating!


Browniris said...

GL this cycle. Hopefully "the third time's the charm" and you get your BFP!

Happy ICLW!

Hannah said...

So sorry about your miscarriage. Saw from your last post that you haven't had problems with Clomid - yay! I felt so emotional on it. I've mostly been on Femara though, which seems easier on my emotions.

Take care and hoping with you for this cycle!

Happy ICLW!

Jennifer said...

Hoping this cycle is the ONE!
Happy ICLW!

Jennifer #28

Catrisha T said...

Hoping that this is the cycle for you on Clomid. And as uninteresting as you think you maybe we think differently.

ICLW #33