Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation aftermath

Have you ever noticed how the relaxation from vacation doesn't ever last much beyond those few days right after a vacation? For me, I started losing the nice relaxed feeling about 15 minutesafter arriving home with the dogs and realizing I had to deal with the ex-wife at my house in less than an hour and the house was in it's pre vacation looks like a bomb exploded because of packing state. And not nearly enough time to get it clean enough for me to be happy with it. Add in returning to work and my nice happy bliss from vacation is gone.

My husband is still in relaxed mode. Somehow this doesn't seem fair to me. After all, shouldn't he share some of the worry about laundry, picking up the house, and general I still want to be on vacation feeling? Apparently not. Though it does have its benefits at times, usually in the evenings. And that's all we'll say on that matter.

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The Hopeful Elephant said...

But how was it? Did you love it? What did you eat? Tell me! Tell me!

I hate the vacation hangover. The laundry taunts...