Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend survived

I made it through another year and only cried a few times. Once was when the Young'un gave me a card she made that was written in text speak. It hangs on the fridge with other pieces of art that have been given over the years. Another was when my mother-in-law informed me yet again that I wasn't a mom, but I was such a good friend and did so much for the Young'un. I did hold those back until I could get somewhere alone. But I survived. We survived as a couple because P knew that I was hurting on more than a few levels with everything. But here's to the hope that next year I'll have my own little miracle to share on Mother's Day.

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suchagoodegg said...

You and hubs are an awesome team and I am so proud of how strong and brave you were. Yes yes yes to a miracle to hold (inside you or in your arms!) by next Mother's Day. xo