Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally a spike!

The cold weather in playing tricks on my body temperature. We've had temperatures close to freezing for the last few days and me, the human furnace, hasn't felt a need to kick off any blankets for the last few days. My BBT is also reflecting this trend. however, this morning brought a spike. Now if only fertility friend would notice there has been a gradual increase and pin ovulation so I can sit here and be nervous about possible conception as opposed to a possible anovulatory cycle. Somedays the waiting is hard, but I'm going to be positive. After all, I got a great fortune in my fortune cookie for dinner on Saturday. It says "Good news on a long awaited occurance is coming soon." I'm taking it to mean that there will be a pregnancy in my future sooner as opposed to later.

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Summer said...

Hope this is your month!!!