Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two week wait

My two week wait is almost over. Actually, it'll be over tomorrow. I have no doubt I will be visted by that worst day of the month, CD1. Our timing was bad, my temperature has dropped, and I have no signs at all of pregnancy. God, this sucks and I want to cry. I also want to cry for everyone else who is in this same boat as me. It isn't fair to any of us. Why is it a 19 year old who doesn't want to get pregnant and can't support a child can get knocked up by breathing wrong and we who want a child so much our hearts ache with pain each time we see a baby can't? What did we do to be in this boat and how do we get off?

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Midwest Mommy said...

Have you ever heard of Moosh in Indy? Her link is in my blogroll but I believe it is www.mooshinindy.com She has some of the most powerful posts about infertility. She just posted one this week.
I hope everything turns out for you.