Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back in the stirrups

We started back yesterday. And by starting, I mean I spent almost 2 hours at the clinic to see the doctor for 5 minutes, his fellow for 10 minutes, and the nurse for closer to a half an hour. He keeps talking endo to me, but there's no evidence of me having endo. Right now, the plan is to re-do all of the initial testing, but instead of an HSG, he wants to do a Fem View in conjunction with an SHG (I guess he remembers me kicking him in the head), day 3 & 21 testing, and another SA on the husband. After that, we look to see the results and go from there. He's talking injectibles possibly. I'm hoping for no clo.mid because y'all, that shit sucks. So in around two weeks, I'll get myself to the lab and away we go. Maybe this time there will be a baby?


The Pussy Palace said...

Good luck with everything!

Emily said...

Good luck with the testing. I hope you do go to injectables, clomid is evil. I will be starting injectables next cycle.

womb for improvement said...

Nice that he is being thorough. Bets of luck.