Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Disney recap

At the end of last week, P and I ran off to Dis.ney. It was nice and warm in sunny Florida, much nicer than the cold of Pittsburgh. We ended up having a wonderful time, lots of really good food, and the added bonus of meeting the cutest little boy in the world and his wonderful Mama and Papa and sister J.

We rode everything we wanted at least once. We saw most of the shows that we wanted to see. We ate at most of the places we wanted to eat. Ep.cot is wonderful for food. I could eat there every day if it wasn't 1500 miles away and really not practical for my budget on so many counts. I came home feeling more relaxed and less stressed than I have in a long while. This was such a needed break.

The only real damper to the trip was the CD1 hit on the third day we were there and we both had colds for the whole trip. I'm mostly over mine, but P's has developed into a man-cold and he's convinced he's going to die. Or at least be sick for weeks on end. However, he's planning on playing hockey tonight. Please explain to me how that works.

So since I was a ways away from the clinic, I will be starting back with next month's CD1. This will put me starting treatments around the same time the ex is due. The almost teenager young'un is doing better about the coming baby, but she's still not thrilled. I'm not overly thrilled either, but she's more important in this equation than my infertility bitterness is.

So that's what's been going on here. I promise to try and post more often. Really, I do. With the planned return to the stirrups, I'm sure there will be more to post soon as well.

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