Monday, January 10, 2011

How I spent my weekend

Or why I'm on the way back to the doctor's today.


My ear is infected again. This came about because of a nice Saturday spent going through the "Vatican Splendor" exhibit at the history center. Apparently it is not good for what is termed a medically fragile ear to be in the vicinity of a few thousand people in close quarters in a very warm environment for 3 hours. If there weren't a big hole in my ear letting in all kinds of wonderful germs, I'd of ended p enjoying the weekend more.

The tour was wonderful. I enjoyed seeing the different artifacts and learning more about St. Peter's Basillica and seeing some of the works of art that were on the tour. As a non-Catholic person, it was very interesting to see the different ways that St. Peter and St. Paul were portrayed. Being raised Protestant and marrying into a very Catholic family (Have I ever mentioned that in my husband's family he has an aunt who is a nun, a cousin who is a nun, and another cousin who is a priest? No? Well, he does and it does create some interesting conversations at times.), at times I feel confused when they talk about different things and symbolisms during Mass when we attend church there. This helped shed some light on so many things and at the same time as a lover of museums it was fun.

Sunday I read a book. Not just any book either. I started and finished Life from Scratch by our very own Mel. If you haven't read it yet, stop, go and get this book, and do so. It was a fun, quick, and very enjoyable read.

Today I"m back at work, it's CD2, and I really need to call and schedule my SHG. I'm not looking forward to this and have been dragging my feet because of the ear and the fact it will require surgery. Since I'm almost out of sick days, it'll be fun figuring out how to get the leave approved for the surgery since one must take 6 sick days in a row. Hjowever, that's one for HR to help me with when the time comes.

So how was your weekend?


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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon :)