Monday, December 27, 2010

Holidays and family

I survived the baby. The cute, adorable, chubby cheeked 4.5 month old baby that was born on my anniversary (of course). He is adorable and bald as a cue-ball with the chubby cheeks that you just want to squeeze. Luckily, no one asked when we were going to provide one of these for people to coo over. I didn't even cry when I got home. I consider this to be a success for the holiday.

In the rest of the holiday news, everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Too much food was eaten and many many wonderful gifts were received, including 1 copy of Life from Scratch by our own wonderful Mel. I am looking forward to diving into this one very soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I wish you a Happy New Year. I'll see you in 2011!!


heather said...

I got my book too! :)

Good for you...there were actually several times when I thought of your husband leaving his, um, make me giggle my way through! xoxox

IVF Sistah said...

Hi. I'm new here and found your blog very insightful. I too survived the holiday babies, pregnancies, pictures, and bottles etc. DH and I are starting our next cycle Friday. (Follow me)

heartincharge said...

Surviving a baby is huge! And no baby questions? Your guardian angel was on it!

Glad youhad a happy holiday.

jill said...

Surviving a baby with no tears is definitely an accomplishment! Otherwise sounds like a great holiday :) Hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you!