Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CD 1

There will be no happy announcement for us at Christmas. On the other hand, this does mean I can now partake of the wine at Valeia supper at the in-laws on Christmas eve. And it means that in theory we could conceive a Christmas baby. (Yes, I know the chances of that are slim. I'm hopeful here, dammit!)

So I'm out for having a child before I turn 34.


Heather said...

Go for the New Year's Baby! ;)

And you know what? You don't need to have the Christmas announcement...your baby is going to be reason enough to have its own special day!

Bring on the wine!

Also...((((HUGS)))). 34 is a great age. Trust me! ;)

b said...

i'm sorry you won't get your christmas baby...but you might make a baby on christmas!

i'm trying hard not to look at dates and milestones anymore because all i come away is disappointed and i just can't take it anymore.

and woo hoo for being able to enjoy some nice wine during the holidays!

Browniris said...

Sorry about the visit from AF :(, but enjoy the drinking!