Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bad blogger

I've been MIA. My apologies to those who stopped by during ICLW. I signed up for ICLW, but just as it started we had a family emergency and it took all of my attention. My sister who lives 3,000 or so miles away went into the hospital with what was pneumonia in both lungs. While there, she was diagnosed with lupus. My mom flew out to be with her and she was in the hospital for 2 weeks. I apologize for falling off the internet for the last 3 or so weeks, but my family needed me for moral support while we were finding everything out.

My sister has since come home from the hospital and is coming to terms with her diagnosis. We're also coming to terms with it, though in a different way than she is. Right now we're all working to find ways to help her and looking to see how we can help her move home at the end of the school year so she can be closer to family, if she chooses.

I promise I'll start writing more again. We just needed the time to work as a family and help her get through everything as best we could.


Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear your doing ok and sorry about your sister. Glad she's home from the hospital and dealing with this new news.

TeeJay said...

I'm sorry about your sister. Of course your family comes before your blog so we all understand. Goodness, talk about being thrown for a loop. Your sister is lucky to have you all there to support her. Hope things get a little easier for you guys in the coming weeks.

Jennifer said...

I'm really sorry about your sister. I hope she starts feeling better asap.

runnyyolk said...

Hi, I just came to you through your wish at Stirrup Queens. I second that wish and hope your sister is doing okay.