Monday, April 25, 2011

Me and my ruptured ear drum

I've gotten lots of questions about this so here's the information that I can share about my experience with it.

1. It sucks, a lot. Not because I'm in pain. I actually only have pain in the ear if it is infected. Currently, it is not. It sucks because I have lost over half of my hearing until it is repaired.

2. I can't hear people clearly when there is more than 1 person talking. It really makes family gatherings / work / anything involving people difficult. Restaurants are very difficult for me because I can't follow conversations right now. The theme park will be impossible unless the ear is repaired before then.

3. When it is repaired, the doctor is going to graft skin over the damaged ear drum to replace what is missing. This should restore most if not all of my hearing. however, it will involve at least a week off of work and lots and lots of antibiotics to keep the ear from getting infected and causing the graft to fail. In this case, failure is really bad and puts me below square 1 on the ear.

4. I now turn the TV up really loud because overall, I am now missing a measured 50% of my total hearing.

5. I now can ignore my husband by turning a deaf ear to him. I tell him it's revenge for all of the years of selective hearing I've dealt with from him.

6. I also have tinitus in the ear constantly. So my ear is ringing constantly and it can be distracting when it gets very loud.

7. If it isn't fixed before Disney, the good news is that it won't affect my ability to fly. Since I have no ear drum, there is no worry about the pressure equalizing.

So that is the story of my ear, my need for surgery, and the biggest reason we are currently on a break. Though Disney is a very close second.


Rebecca said...

Well I hope they can fix it soon so that your hearing will hopefully come back. I have Meniere's Disease so I can understand about the tinnitus and hard time hearing one person speaking to you when there are other noises about. Makes ordering lunch at a busy restaurant rather interesting at times when you can't hear what the waitress has asked you for your entree choices.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh....I hope you feel better soon :)

Carrie27 said...

OH MY!!!! That just sounds miserable - the only perk is being able to ignore the hubby and having a real excuse. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi, here from ICLW. Im so sorry to read about your eardrum!! Having a sense cut in half would be hard to adjust to. But I do like the ignorance factor..he he he..!

Have a great time at Disney! Sometimes a break is a good thing. Best wishes...
Tee @

S said...

Here for ICLW.

Yikes, that sounds awful. I hope they are able to repair your eardrum and get you back to full hearing soon.

Heather said...

hope your ear gets better... sounds awful..
at least I know you will have a good time in Disney. so jealous!!

jill said...

Gah that really sucks. I hope you can get it repaired soon and that the recovery goes well. I must have missed it but... how did it happen?

Celia said...

I could not really read that because my brain refused. But that is terrible and I hope you feel better soon. Yes, ignoring the Hub does sound like a perk. "Blah blah the Phillies, blah blah Dr. Who wait, that is my house. :)